Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cycling normally & feeling better.

I am feeling oh so much better, so it was time to catch up on housework. 15 loads of laundry is not my idea of a good time, but there were loads and loads of towels and linens to be done. Lamesauce right?

I've still been feeling icky, but not sick anymore. Just dizzy mostly. I did take soy this cycle, so I am having a pretty "normal" cycle. Pretty sure I O'd a couple days ago. Hopefully everything in my body keeps going relatively well.

We took the pup to the vet, and she got her vaccines and we got the bump on her tummy checked out. Turns out it was exactly what I thought it was- an umbilical hernia. It doesn't hurt her. We also made an appointment for kitty, and she is going to hate us. Multiple shots for her, especially since she's an outside kitty now.

Happy pictures of happy pets!

OOH. Forgot to share our new rings. Aren't they pretty?

The stone is aquamarine. :)

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