Monday, April 1, 2013

8w2d Ultrasound Pics

These were taken on 7 March 2013. It looks like the hematoma resolved itself, which is awesome news. Heartbeat was 197.

Heard the heartbeat the other day at my midwife appointment. It was in the 160's (I was 11 weeks + a few days).

I am going to Cascade Midwives & Birth Center for my prenatal care. 

I have to say, I am so happy with SRM. They are AMAZING and did everything they could do reassure us. I recommend them completely. 

I am now 12 weeks (well, depending on what you go by I am either 11w6d, 12w, or 12w and a few days). We announced on facebook today, which is why you will see post dated blog posts. You're not crazy, they weren't there before. They just popped up today. It's been killing me not to share!


  1. OMG! YAY! I have not been following and I just now saw that you are prego! WOW. What did youd do again? Femara? Tell me more!!

  2. I actually hadn't started Femara yet, we were going to do Femara with trigger, but found out that I was prego before we could start that cycle! I was actually pregnant at my last RE appointment when we were discussing it. How funny is that, right? I'm going to do a post highlighting exactly what I did.

  3. Wow congrats! I was just thinking.... wait this post wasn't here before. Lol.
    Happy you have finally gotten your BFP!

  4. Congratulations on the great appointment! I'm jealous that you're going with midwives (it didn't work out for me with logistics). How exciting that you announced! I can't wait to do so.

    1. I love my midwives, I really hope I get to stay with them. I'm just nervous, you know? But as long as everything stays good then we are good to go!