Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, here goes.

Who would have thought, eh? Well no one goes "Gee, I think I want PCOS, that sounds like a great time!", but I had no idea that this would happen to me.

I'm 25. Living with my soul mate and our fur babies. We plan on having human babies. And now it seems that it might not be quite as easy as we were hoping.

My diagnosis came yesterday. I knew something was wrong with me, as we have been NTNP (not trying/not preventing) for over a year with no results. I may have had a chemical a few months ago, but it was hard to tell with the tests I had. Other than that, nothing.

At least my doctor said that she will do clomid as soon as we are ready to start actively trying again, and her clinic does IUI and IVF if it comes down to that.

Why didn't they take my blood? Why didn't they do more of a work up? I'm so confused. Do I need to be on Metformin? I see that drug name everywhere I go that has PCOS mentioned in it. Will it help me? It seems to help keep women from having miscarriages AS frequently. The miscarriage statistics break my heart. They just break my heart.

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