Monday, September 24, 2012

Haven't been posting much

So obviously I haven't been posting much. I have been feeling like a complete Debbie Downer (and complete garbage) and don't want to drag others down with my pathetic sad cryingness (is that a word? It is now).

SO. I made some delicious cookies today. Home made Oreos. They are amazing, and I absolutely love them. Did I mention I started my Low Glycemic Index diet? Yeah, I did. Feeling ok. Not having cravings. I only had two cookies, and I'm going to keep being a good girl.

I seem to feel a little better, I've been able to do more lately, which is great. I still think the seizures are happening, but if they are they aren't completely wearing me out. I have been more tired lately though, which is a sign that I am having them. I've also needed naps more, which usually happens when I'm having them. Oh well, no big deal. It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't come with the pain. Increase in neurological symptoms has been happening, and I have the extreme nerve pain again. My skin hurts, even my clothes touching me can be excruciating. Thankfully it hasn't gotten really bad.

So that is what is going on with me lately. How are you guys doing?

OH MY GOSH, my new deck is done. I'm so happy about that. TTFN.

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