Monday, January 14, 2013

Blocked Right Tube

Today was my HSG, and it went pretty smoothly. I do have a blocked right tube, but my left tube looks good. She said that I have a beautiful uterus (Hehe). If you want to see a picture of it click here.

I got some OPKs today and will start testing with the "good ones" (in other words, the ones not from the dollar store) tomorrow afternoon. I tested today at 4 with one from the dollar store and this is what it looked like:

We still have the follow up appointment on the 31st to go over all of the testing and Kyle's SA. 

That is all the updates that I have for now!


  1. Boo about the blocked tube! But it looks like you had a faint line on you OPK!

    1. There was a faint line! I took an Answer OPK yesterday and there was a line on it too. Not very dark, but I am testing each day around 3 to hopefully catch my surge if it happens.