Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surgery & Baby Update

Little baby Violette is doing awesome. Got to see some practice breathing and baby is confirmed head down! Measuring great, has adorable hiccups about once a day. I am 35 weeks now. Tuesday will be 36.

I had pain that I thought was hemorrhoids, and it started getting worse about a week ago. Now the rest of this will be pretty TMI, so if that kind of thing bothers you, you should stop reading now.


I had an anal abscess. They think it was a hemorrhoid that got infected. It was pretty large, bigger than a golf ball, and it was internal- but you could feel it from my butt cheek. About 3 days ago it got to the point where I could barely sit down. I asked Kyle to take a look for me (that's love, right?) and when he pushed on the bump puss came out of my anus. We decided that it would obviously be a good idea to go get it checked out since that isn't supposed to happen. Went to the walk in clinic, and they called a surgeon to consult. It was off to the ER.

Got to the ER and they took a look and said I needed IV antibiotics and to be admitted. Went in to the hospital around noon, and had surgery at 7pm that night. They had to go in and put in a drainage tube and flush out the bacteria. Doctor said that it was staph, but they didn't say MRSA (pretty sure I would still be in the hospital if it was MRSA).

I go in next week to have the tube removed. I'm on oral antibiotics and pain medication right now.

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  1. ouch and uncomfortable. Hugs hon those abscesses are horrible. I hate them. Heal quickly and rest while you can.