Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Multi-Vitamin (whole food)

I've been taking a multi-vitamin for months (tummy issues make it a requirement as I don't always absorb all the nutrients I need). After doing a little more research, I decided to try and make things a little easier on my body, and make sure that I am getting all of the nutrients that are actually IN the vitamins.

Yesterday I went to a vitamin shop, and got Natures Way Alive! whole food energizer multi-vitamin. The pills are big, but that has never been a problem for me (I was taking 20+ pills a day at one point). Best thing about them? So far, I have had no problem with them irritating my tummy. I took them yesterday on a full stomach, and today on an empty stomach, and both times I felt no ickiness. I'm hopeful that they will make me feel better. I already have a little more energy after taking them (so I won't be taking these ones before bed!).

You can find them on Amazon but I got mine cheaper in the shop.

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